grammie & grampie came too!

having my parents with me for the first few weeks was the best. it was such a blessing to have 2 extra adults to help get groceries, do laundry, play with the kids and venture out to the beach and find new places to visit. 

we couldn't have asked for a better start to a new chapter and adventure. thank you mom and dad for taking the first trip with us and helping with the kids (especially on the airplane!) I love and miss you daily. 


we made it...

now what?

our first week here was a bit of a blur, from unpacking luggage to grocery shopping, to checking out all the new local sites (plenty of beach days) - including finding the hospital ER in the early morning! Not the fun part of our first week. Beckett's ear continued to be a bother and woke us up in the middle of the night. We finally decided to take him into the ER since we were't sure when we'd get into a Dr. 

so what's different?

well of course there is driving on the "other" side of the road and car! within the first few days I went out with Josh and "gave it a go" (an aussie phrase). turned the wipers on many times instead of the blinker...oops. it's hard to change 30+ years of being trained to look to the left first...now it's look right first. 

other things that are a little different is that we're in the "city" no more country roads or small traffic back-ups. it's a busy city and everything is packed in close together. everyone wants to be close to the coast. there are tons of shops, restaurants and coffee shops all tucked into little spots and along the many little downtowns...and they are ALL busy! 

the work-life balance is different here. there is more emphasis on "life" family than we feel in the states. it feels like there is a more laid back mentality...get your work done and then play and enjoy your playtime! we are looking forward enjoying this mentality and take part in "holidays"!!


30 hrs later...

and we're off!!!

doorstep to doorstep = 30 hours!

12 bags of luggage
4 car seats 
7 carry on bags
lots of snacks
3 adults
4 kids: 6 & under
5 airline workers

is what it took to get us on our way to the adventure of living in Australia!

Overall all our flights went off without many hiccups. We had a delay in Chicago that put us in a tight spot once we got to LA for our connecting flight to Sydney. We were suppose to have a 2 hour layover - plenty of time to stretch our legs, get some food, let the kids burn off some energy and then settle in for our 14 hour flight - but that was cut short to MAYBE a 10 minute layover. We hustled to get off the plane with all of our "stuff" and made it to our next gate just as they were about to close the doors! 

We got many looks as 3 adults and 4 young children made their way to business class! Not the usual business class passengers. The kids did GREAT! Everyone one around us was impressed with how well they traveled and even their behavior & manners...praise God! I think all of us were praying for a quiet trip. 

Beckett was a little under the weather as we started out in Chicago and slept most of the time. Not a bad thing, but his high temperature had us a little worried. After a few days in Newcastle, his temperature still did not break and his mood was horrible. He complained of stomach and ear pain. So 5:30 am we made our first trip to the ER in Australia! Verdict - ear infection! A day later after antibiotics had kicked in he was a new person. Thank goodness for medicine. 

The first few days we were all a little exhausted and trying to adjust to the time change. Josh was able to be home for the weekend and the following Monday. Many trips to the beach, park and walks around the neighborhood kept the kiddos entertained while we sorted things out at the house. 

Daddy got some fun surprises for the kids to welcome them to Australia!

we can WALK to the beach! 

Bar Beach - many days we will be spending here

stay tuned for more of our adventure here...